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вторник, 12 июля 2011 г.

I.Witness - Secret Handshakes (2011)

I.Witness - Secret Handshakes (2011).


After a year, our best friend Artem NerdPunk made a great work, he remastered our old tracks, from summer 2010, we recorded them before tour and called them Secret Handshakes (Summer Demos). But now it’s the time to listen to their final versions, they really rocks!

среда, 1 июня 2011 г.

Russian Tribute To Anti-Flag (2011)

Hello kids. This winter we recorded song for compilation - Russian tribute to Anti-Flag. It was released just yesterday and now we uploaded it in the web. Check and listen how hardcore kids sing songs of so called “sellout” punks. Joking apart I really love “For Blood And Empire”, nice album.

So you can download our interpretation of “Confessions of An Economic Hitman” for free here - http://rghost.ru/8740271


PS. If you want to get this compilation - drop a line here - xen0m0rph@mail.ru

понедельник, 23 мая 2011 г.

Empty Conversations / I.Witness split 7"


Hello friends, we are glad to present you our brand new work - split with our brotherband Empty Conversations from sunny Kazakhstan. Download, check and share it! Vinyl and CD are coming soon!

понедельник, 11 апреля 2011 г.


Hi there, we got new tumblr page, because it has got more useful interface and it could be posted by mobile. So follow us, to get the news there. Here in Blogspot we'll repost everything!


Here is our latest video from show in Novosibirsk with Dottie Danger and bunch of other awesome bands.

Our new songs for upcoming 7" is being mixed mastered by Tyler Bradley in Triumph Studios (Chelmsford, USA). Hope to hear from him soon.

Peace! I.W.